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Project Truth

Project Truth was born out of a personal and deep desire to live a more genuine life, through open, honest communications, both in the things I do and in relationships I have. It's my ongoing mission to bring more sincerity into the world. It is not only about telling the truth, but about living in accordance with your true self. It is sharing with others your unfiltered experiences, thoughts, and feelings, without shame or fear, because who you are is not something you should ever hide.

It takes strength and courage to be yourself while the people around you watch. But every lie we tell, or omission we make, or secret we keep, or persona we fake, is not only damaging to us, but to the rest of the world as well. As humans, we are masters of disguise, bending and twisting ourselves until we project the image we think best suits the moment. But doing so doesn’t just change the way others see us, it changes the way we see ourselves. It blurs our inner line of integrity so that we have a hard time trusting, even in ourselves. It pits us against standards we cannot reach because they aren't real, and then leads us to feel guilt over failing to meet false criterion. We need to be able to view others as they are, and share ourselves as we are, because we're all in this together.

Project Truth asks you to own yourself. To be authentic. To offer others nothing less than you.


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