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About Me

It always bothers me when people who hardly know you ask questions they don't really care to hear the answers to. At the top of this list is "what do you do?" to which I have little response. Do you, dentist/florist/barista, actually care what I do? And if it is only in relation to what you do, a means of sizing me up and determining my worth, then I don't particularly wish to respond anyway. I suppose I'm supposed to reply with the standard stay-at-home mom bit, but this leaves me dissatisfied as it essentially equates to "nothing". Compared to fancy corporate titles I even guess it's close to true.

But who made up those rules anyway? Who determined the best greetings between strangers and why it isn't more appropriate to ask, "who are you?" As in, "what is it about you that I might like to know?" To that I have many, deeply satisfying answers. I'll share a few.

I am a woman and a mother and a wife, yes, but I am also compassionate, artistic, and free-thinking. I am an atheist, or perhaps a humanist, concerned for the environment, and a pro at separating recyclables from regular trash. I am a writer and a teacher. I am introverted and emotional, intelligent and frugal. I am inventive and creative and passionate. I am quiet and easily embarrassed, impatient but tolerant. I am a near vegetarian, whatever that means. I am more like you than you probably would guess. I am honest and reliable and sometimes naive. I am interested in learning about things I don't know--the purpose of life, the way hearing works, who invented the razor blade--and sharing this information with others.

I am a displaced Alaskan, looking forward to the day that I will return home.

I am this side of mainstream.