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My Bucket List

1. Learn how to can

2. Learn to play a Christmas song on the piano

3. Inspire someone to eat less meat

4. Inspire someone to exercise regularly

5. Inspire someone to lessen his or her ecological footprint

6. Travel to another country (Top 3: Ireland, Italy, and Japan)

7. Own at least an acre of land

8. Grow a large enough garden so that we have little use for produce shopping

9. Raise chickens

10. Take my kids camping in Alaska

11. Publish a novel

12. Volunteer at a retirement home

13. Learn Japanese

14. Learn how to play chess

15. Host an elegant sit down dinner with friends

16. Memorize the first 25 presidents in order

17. Ride a train

18. Ride a train through the Great Smoky Mountains

19. Create a family cookbook that can be passed on to my children

20. Be able to do the splits

21. Take a romantic getaway with just my husband

22. Re-draw my self-portrait

23. Visit New York

24. Visit my sister in Texas

25. Do yoga before the sun rises